Where is Oku-Akita?

Rest your weary heart
Escape the concrete jungle
Unspoiled Akita

Far away, the stunning scenery of nature untouched remain.
Far away, the untainted heart of the locals remain.

The area name Oku-Akita does not show up on maps.


Given the geologic location, it is natural how the name Oku-Akita came about. Not only is this area blessed with rolling fields and mysterious forests, it is a treasure trove for history and culture. Even on your first visit, you’ll find something strangely nostalgic about the area. Experience things that you will not be able to elsewhere here at Oku-Akita.

Oku-Akita consists of a few areas, and each area have its own charms.
Breathtaking pastoral landscape.
History of and pride of the Matagi culture.
Alluring landscape formed by the mining boom.
Captivating streets home to the Akita Dog and traditional hanicrafts.
Each and every one of these oozing with the charm of Oku-Akita.

Charms of each area

小坂エリア 大館エリア 北秋田エリア 上小阿仁エリア


An area with many diverse cultures.
A place where the old meets the new.

Odate is located at the northernmost part of Akita Prefecture with an approximate poputation of 75,000 people and its border is shared with Aomori Prefecture. Yoeshiro River, one of Akita’s three major rivers, runs through the mountain surrounded valley. The view of the mountains, rivers, as well as the rolling rice fields are said to be one of Odate’s many charms.

Akita Dog Visitor Centre is one of the locations that is a must visit on your trip to Odate. Also, it may come as a surprise to many but Odate is home to many hot springs.

President Kaori Kobayashi / Furusawa Onsen Hot Springs

Akita Dog Visitor Centre is not only a spot to interact with adorable dogs, it is also a tourist information centre so if you’re ever in the area, definitely do stop by!
In addition, Odate is a designated National Hot Spring Health Resort.
Not only is it a mecca for hot springs, each spring have a different spring quality so there are many people who enjoy hot spring tours.

Unique Tohoku folk toy and sake store MUTO and miniMUTO

President Yoshimasa Shibata / Shibata Yoshinobu Store

Located in the old Tashiro Town of Iwase is a store called MUTO which sells Tohoku folk toys and sake. I reformed a part of my home into a store and be prepared to be welcomed by a unique assortment of folk toys.
All the colorful dolls have been personally bought on trips to the toy workshops. miniMUTO is a kiosk concept store which opened in front of Hayaguchi Station in Autumn 2020. Nuts, dried fruits, and canned products are sold at the store. More recently, knitwear from the brand youwear are also sold here.


Matagi culture; the heart of the region.
Let the vast nature capture your heart.

Kitaakita is located in the center of Northern Akita with a land mass of 1152.76 km2 and makes up approximately 10% of Akita Prefecture.
Yoneshiro River cuts through the northen part of the city at the area called Takanosu. Farmlands are formed around the river, urban areas and settlements dotted all along the river valley.

Kuma Kuma Bear Park, Matagi School, Nekko Village

President Hiroaki Nakazawa / Matagi no Yu Hot Springs

Kitaakita have many interesting tourist attractions located around Mt. Moriyoshi. Enjoy waterfalls and scenic nature from Ani Ski Resort; explore the Jomon Cultural Remains; find out more about the area from history museums; observe the adorable Asiatic Bears at Kuma Kuma Bear Park during Summer and bear cubs being cuddled by it’s mother during Winter. Take a tour of the Doburoku sake workshop, and learn more about the Matagi culture from the Matagi School and Matagi Museum which are all conveniently located at Utto Hot Springs. In addition, there is the hidden village called Nekko Village whic can only be accessed through a single-laned tunnel. Do be sure to watch their traditional perfoming arts of Bangaku too!

Learn more about the Jomon culture!
Many people enjoy the view from the Nairiku Railway train

Manager Shinichi Saito / Nairiku Railway Line

Definitely want people to come visit the Isedotai Site to experience the Jomon culture. The site introduces the Hokkaido and northern Tohoku sites as well so I highly recommend.
The view from the Nairiku Railway train is also recommended. You will be surprised by the scenery that you will be able to enjoy from the train.


Sosaka in the Meiji ambience remnant
from the mining era.
A livelihood created from the blessings

Located in Kosaka is the mystical lake known as Lake Towada. The urban area of Kosaka is situated in the northernmost tip of the Kazuno valley.
This town makes use of the mining technology for recycling related industries and is an area for tourism. The unique landscape created by the interplay of the beautiful natural scenery of Lake Towada and the modern industrial buildings left behind from its former mining days is something not to be missed.

Heritage of Industrial Modernization, Lake Towada, and Wine. These are 3 things which make Kosaka THE place to visit.

Director Takemi Takahashi / Korakukan Theater

There are 3 charm points of Kosaka.
1) Heritage of Industrial Modernization. The scenery of Meiji Hyakunen-dori Street is something that you will not be able to see elsewhere.
2) Lake Towada. Following the strictest regulations that you hardly see elsewhere, the view of Lake Towada is second to none.
3) Wine. Being blessed with Lake Towada brought about the Yamabudo species of grapes which is found nowhere else in Japan.

Kosaka = Katsu Ramen. The Himemasu Trout fished from the waters of Lake Towada is delicious like no other.

Store Manager Naraoka / Restaurant Naraokaya

When you think of Kosaka, Katsu Ramen definitely comes to mind. There are 6 restaurants which serve this specialty dish, all of which are highly recommended.
Lake Towada is also recommended. Just a taste of the famed Himemasu Trout of Lake Towada will leave you wanting for more.


Take a stroll through the Akita Cedar forest
and heal your soul.
A village where art meets technlology.

Kamikoani is located almost at the center of Akita Prefecture surrounded by mountains. Ani River, which gets its source from the Taihei River, which is situated in the center of Kamikoani Village, flows towards the north and merges with the Yoneshiro River.
In the north there are many plains, in the south forests and mountains are aplenty. 92.7% of the land is taken up by forest and wilderness, and 75% of this are nationally owned.

Image courtesy of
Akita Prefecture / Nanmo University

Kamikoani = Kobusugi Cedar.
The recently introduced autonomous driving is another thing not to be missed.

Farm Owner Takaaki Suzuki / TAJYURO Farm

The famous Kobusugi cedar tree is located near my farm. We do tours to the Kobusugi so definitely do pay us a visit!
Some other highlights would include autonomous driving as well as the annua Kamikoani Project.
In addition, there are many other festivals and events which are highly recommended.

Do visit the Roadside Station Kamikoani! There are tourist information available as well as a trove of local goods and products available for purchase all at one place.

Ritsuko Miura / Roadside Station Kamikoani

There is the very impressive Kobusugi which is a natural cedar tree selected as one of The 100 Forest Giants of Japan.
If you require tourist information, it is recommended to swing by Roadside Station Kamikoani. Not only a stop for information, you will be able to get your hands on all kinds of souvenirs such as the Chinese lantern fruit. It is truly a one-stop station brimming with Kamikoani goodness!

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